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buying property in Barcelona

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Tips & tools for Barcelona buyers

  There are many things to consider when buying property in Barcelona.

At Ficasso Real Estate in Barcelona we think most important factor is time management.

No matter what your budget or requirements, we know that it takes time to find that special flat or apartment that will end up having your name on the door!

We know that looking at the wrong flats in the wrong areas of town is the biggest waste of time and a huge source of frustration.

To avoid wasting time, and to make sure that the property finding process is a fun and inspiring experience, Ficasso uses modern technology to match your needs with our properties.

Our aim is that you only be visit flats and apartments in Barcelona that are close to what you want.

We recommend that you sit down with your Ficasso agent and get answers to all your questions.

This will help you get a better understanding of the market and the city and will help us to understand why you want to buy in Barcelona and how best to advise you on the property market.

All Ficasso employees have lived in Barcelona for more than 3 years, so we know our way around this city and we know the ins and outs and ups and downs of moving to Barcelona and living in Barcelona.

We can provide you with a range of useful tools to help you make the right choice. Just ask your Ficasso agent today. We will be pleased to help you.

Here are a few of our tools. We are constantly adding links so check back every now and again.

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  Accommodation glossary - translation of Spanish property terms