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renting property in Barcelona

Why choose Ficasso Real EstateWhy choose us? Find out!

Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona
Ronda Universitat, 29, 3-1A
08007 Barcelona, Spain

Tel. +34 933196176
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Introduction - Long term flat rentals in Barcelona


In the renters section of our website we have outlined everything that you need to know about renting your flat, apartment or house in Barcelona.

If you are looking for flats to rent long term Barcelona click below:

Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Click here for ALL our long term rental apartments in Barcelona

Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Click here to search for long term flats for rent in Barcelona


Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Why choose Ficasso to rent your property?

  Ficasso offers our renters a comprehensive marketing solution using the most recent technological tools available.


Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona We have tenants for your property.

  Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona has a wide range of registered clients in our database including private and corporate clients from European, the USA, Australian and many other countries as well as residents of Barcelona  

Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Ficasso is International

  Ficasso is an international business. We advertise on international and local property portals and websites.

We use a variety of traditional media, from local newspapers and magazines to national publications. All advertisements are full colour and provide readers with our website address.

We advertise in many countries and languages to find attractive and solvent clients who are looking for high quality apartments in Barcelona


Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Ficasso uses advanced technology


Ficasso uses advanced IT systems to enable us to alert potential buyers to the availability of your property as soon as it comes onto the market by SMS (text) alerts, MMS (picture & text) alerts and E-mails.

Our cutting edge website provides users instant access to our entire portfolio of residential properties. We conduct extensive dialogue with buyers and our advanced database systems enable us to match the right buyer with the right property.

This helps to ensure that anyone viewing your home already has a good idea of what to expect. We are not wasting everybody’s time by showing your property to the wrong people


Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Our agents are experienced and professional

  At Ficasso we know what international and local buyers are looking for and know Barcelona. Ficasso agents are all over 25 and long time residents of Barcelona. They speak several languages and are all experienced international and professional real estate agents.

We can give buyers a clear understanding of what your property has to offer. And we can give you the seller at clear picture of the market and possibilities for selling your property.

Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Flexible viewings

  We are flexible with viewings. If your property is in or near Barcelona then viewings usually take place at the following times:

Monday to Friday: 10.00-19.00
Saturdays: by appointment