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renting property in Barcelona

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Guide for Renters of property in Barcelona

In the Renters section of our website we have outlined everything that you need to know about renting your flat, apartment or house in Barcelona.
  Rental valuation – finding the right rental price  
  Ficasso rental commissions  
  Preparing your property in Barcelona for renting  
  Viewings of your property  
  The Rental contract process  

Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Rental valuation – finding the right rental price

  If you already know how much you want to rent your apartment, flat or house in Barcelona, then the process is fast.

If you don't know then we can advise you.

Ficasso has extensive knowledge of buying, selling and renting property in all areas of Barcelona, Castelldefells, Sant Cugat and Sitges.

We can tell you how much you can expect to get when you rent your flat, apartment or house in Barcelona and how long it will take to find a suitable tentant.

A professional Ficasso agent will visit your home and meet with you at a time of your convenience.

This appointment usually takes between thirty and sixty minutes and will involve a detailed inspection of your property.


Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Ficasso rental commissions

  Ficasso are competitive on commissions. You only pay rentals commission when we successfully rented your apartment or house in Barcelona.

We explain exactly what we are doing to earn our commissions every step of the way.

Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Preparing your property in Barcelona for renting

  Most tenants now use Internet property portals to find a new home in Barcelona.

75% of all our registered clients at Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona are introduced to us through the many different websites, where we advertise our Barcelona rental property portfolio.

The Internet is a visual media and the visual imagery used with these listings are the first taste of your home a potential purchaser will have I
n many cases the photos of your property will be hugely influential on whether potential buyers contact us to arrange a viewing.

The photos probably the most important actions you can take to maximise your chances of attracting interested buyers.

First impressions are important! Ficasso can advise you on preparing your home for photography as part of the rental process.


Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona Viewings of your property


The Ficasso Rentals consultant will discuss with you the best times & days for viewing and what preparation you can make prior to a viewing.

Some owners prefer to supply Ficasso with keys whilst others choose to be at home during viewings.

If your property is in or near Barcelona then viewings usually take place at the following times:

Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 19.00
Saturdays by appointment

Whatever you prefer Ficasso will work with you to meet your requirements

Sometimes we will recommend that we use an “Open house” or “Back-to-Back Appointments” showing enabling us to have several potential rental tenants in a short period of time.


Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona The Rental contract


Any offer received will be put forward to you verbally at the first available opportunity.

If you accept the offer then Ficasso will prepare a reservation contract and ask the new tenant for a downpayment of minimum 1/2 months rent.

Then within 48 hours we will have the contracts ready for signatures by all parties.