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buying property in Barcelona

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Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona
Ronda Universitat, 29, 3-1A
08007 Barcelona, Spain

Tel. +34 933196176
E-mail: info@ficasso.com
Website: www.ficasso.com

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Barcelona online street maps


Streets maps Barcelona.

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Descriptions of areas of Barcelona
  The Ficasso team have put together an introduction to the different areas of Barcelona based our experience and from friends. We can tell you a lot more so just ask your friends at Ficasso. We are happy to help.  
  Google Maps Spain  
  To find streets in Barcelona enter:  
  street name, street number, postal code (optional), Barcelona  
  València, 242, 08007, Barcelona  
  Bcn city map  
  This is the official Barcelona city map. It has many excellent features and is widely used. You can enter street names and numbers and also find intersections between 2 streets.  
  maps and photos of buildings  
  This website has maps of Barcelona and photos of the building facades from various angles. This is useful for getting an impression of the kind of building that an apartment is located in.  
  MSN Live Search  
  Maps of Barcelona with "birds eye" aeriel photos  
  This is a fun site to see your new flat or apartment in Barcelona from the air. Enter Barcelona then click on "birds-eye" view and move the cursor to find your area of town.  

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