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Gràcia - Areas of Barcelona

sant marti area barcelona

The Gracia district in Barcelona includes the neighborhoods (barris) of Vallcarca, Penitents, El Coll, La Salut and Camp d'en Grassot.

Gracia district of Barcelona


Gràcia - Brief history and profile


Gràcia is a district of the city of Barcelona above the district of Eixample  and sandwiched between Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Horta-Guinardó.

Around 120,087 people live in the district of Gracia.

The name Gràcia originates from a Carmelite convent dating back to1626 called "Nostra Senyora de Gràcia” (Our Lady of Grace)

Until 1897 the barrio Vila de Gràcia was a separate village and municipality from Barcelona city. To get through the fields from Barcelona to Gracia you traveled on the road called Passeig de Gracia,  which means the passage to Gràcia. This road still has the same name today.

In 1897 Gracia was officially annexed to Barcelona and as the city expanded the old village was completely engulfted by the city. The village infrastructure was however left largely intact, which explains why oldest barrio of Vila de Gràcia has retained much of its old world charm still retains a strong and unique identity of Catalanism, republicanism and liberal thinking.

The area boasts a wonderful mix of proud and loyal residents that have lived there all their lives mixed with a new younger but equally passionate population. This melting pot is reflected everywhere in Gracia on the streets and plazas and in the shops and cafes.

While Gracia has all the charm of the Ciutat Vella district in the old city of Barcelona, the lack of major tourist attractions and the independent spirit of the locals have kept international shopping chains and the worst elements of mass tourism out while welcoming visitors from around the globe.

The result is bohemian, funky, stylish, feel that make Gracia a great place to live in Barcelona, and to visit.

This unique atmosphere of Vila de Gracia make it a very popular residential area for locals and foreigners alike and just in the Vila de Gracia barrio in Gracia you will find 50.000 people live in the quaint narrow streets.


Gràcia - Main tourist attractions and sights


Casa Vicens - Antoni Gaudi's first important commission as a young architect and is one of the first architectonic examples of “Art Nouveau” not only in Barcelona but in the whole of Europe. The building can only be viewed from the exterior with a facade covered with florid, vividly colored tiles. This building has been in the ownership of the Vicens family since being built in .. but has recently been put on the market for 35 million euros.

Parc Güell - one of Gaudi's, and Barcelona's, greatest resources with great views at every turn. Named after Gaudi's main patron, it was originally intended as a hillside garden suburb on the English model, but only two of the houses were ever built. The city of Barcelona took over the property in 1926.

Festa Major de Gracia – one of the most popular and largest neighbourhood festival in Barcelona, celebrated in mid August. In2007 this event was celebrated for the190th time with over 600 events and a total of 18 streets and squares are festively dressed up in elaborately themed theatrical carnival style decorations to compete for the prize of being the best decorated street or square of the festival.

Gràcia - Personal opinions from friends who live here


Negative: Living in the major squares (Plaza del Sol, Plaza de la Virreina, etc) can be pretty noisy but most of the streets in Gracia are quiet residential streets No supermarkets actually in Gracia, but two main food markets in Gracia and big supermarkets just outside the Gracia area.

Positive: Gracia has a such great variety of international restaurants and some really cozy bars Love the small shops and barrio feel Vallcarca (area of Gracia) is a very peaceful and quiet area of Gracia In Gracia you are in a world of your own, but so close to the city!


Gràcia - - Real estate perspective of buying flats here

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