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Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona
Ronda Universitat, 29, 3-1A
08007 Barcelona, Spain

Tel. +34 933196176
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About Ficasso Real Estate - Barcelona.




What is Ficasso Real Estate, Barcelona?


Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona,, is an international Real Estate company based in Barcelona. We manage property sales and rentals in Barcelona and Catalonia.

Ficasso Real Estate Barcelona currently works with numerous interested customers from Barcelona, around Spain, many different countries in Europe and the rest of the world who are looking for property in Barcelona and the surrounding areas.

Ficasso has developed an excellent reputation for service, integrity and trust with many owners and renters of high quality attractive properties mainly in Barcelona, but also in Sant Cugat, Castelldefels, Sitges and other areas of Catalonia.


Who are we?

  Ficasso is an international team of property professionals who have worked for several years in the field. We are two partners and several employees who speak several languages and have varied cultural and educational backgrounds.  

Where are we?

  Ficasso is located just off of Plaza Catalunya and the Ramblas in downtown Barcelona, in C/ Pelai 11, 4E. We accept walk-ins though can serve you better if you make an appointment first. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10-19h.  

What are our goals?


Ficasso strives to be the best real estate company in Barcelona. We want to work to a code of behavior and conduct that makes us trustworthy, respected and well-liked in the market. We seek long-term relationships with our clients and owners and are not only looking to close a quick deal. We are growing slowly and appreciate your feedback to continue to improve the services we offer.

This means that Ficasso employees have more incentive to constantly give all our customers a bigger effort - a more professional effort - more honest effort - a friendlier effort. A Ficasso effort!